Valleys Premium Californian Dried Prunes 800 Grams

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These dried prunes provide fibre, potassium, and Vitamin K in a tasty snack.
Dried prunes are the ideal midday snack. They’re portable and don’t need prep.
Dried prunes may be used in baked foods and savory cuisines. They sweeten and piquant meals.
Our dried prunes are delicious without sugar or additives. They’re healthier than junk food.
Our dried prunes last months in a cool, dry environment. These are fantastic cupboard staples for snacking or cooking.


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Californian cultivated and picked plums are used to make California dried prunes. Prunes are adored all over the world because of their flavour, a nice blend of sweet and tart. Perfectly dried California prunes are soft, chewy, and a delectable treat for snacks and cookery. The dried plums from the Prunus armeniaca tree are known as California prunes. Often growing in the Western United States, mostly in California, is this tree. With approximately 1 million tonnes of prune production annually, the U.S. leads the globe in this regard. In actuality, California is responsible for producing roughly two-thirds of the prunes cultivated in the country. When Spanish missionaries introduced the prune tree to California in the early 1700s, California prunes were born. Do you have a sweet tooth? You’ll like the raw flavour of these California prunes, chopped. These are dried plums that are full of natural goodness and are plump, juicy, and luscious. Trim Ship California Only the finest California-produced plums are used to make hand-harvested, premium prunes. They are then perfectly dried to create a delightful, chewy snack.

You may use these prunes to make delectable meals, whether you’re cooking or just nibbling. The dried prunes, commonly referred to as dried plum, is a tasty and wholesome dried fruit made from a plum. The most typical way to eat prunes is as a snack. Prunes are produced by a variety of plum trees, including the Damson plum, which is indigenous to Europe, and the French plum, which was first grown in the Ottoman Empire and Northern Africa. Prunes are a well-liked sugary snack because of their high sugar content. Vitamin C, which helps the body fend off harmful infections, is abundant in prunes. Prunes also contain a lot of iron. Red blood cells need iron in order to transfer oxygen to your organs and tissues, which makes iron essential to the body. Before being dried, California prunes are plums that have been carefully selected for their size, sweetness, and juiciness. Fiber and vitamin C are both abundant in plums. California prunes are a traditional dried fruit that is very popular and adored by people all over the world. These prunes may be eaten straight from the bag and are known for their soft and chewy texture. Cooking with California prunes imparts a deep flavour that gives a range of recipes depth and flavour. Since they are a great source of vitamins and minerals like copper and magnesium, California prunes are a nourishing addition to any diet. California prunes are the ideal option for individuals all over the world to get their daily fruit fix since they are sustainably farmed, sun-dried, and untreated with any pesticides. offered in 100-gram bags.


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