Cashews are a tasty nut that may be eaten alone or incorporated in many recipes. Nut lovers adore their creamy texture and somewhat sweet taste. To maximise freshness and taste, we select and roast our cashews. They are rich in protein, healthy fats, and minerals including magnesium, zinc, and iron. These quality cashews are perfect for snacking or adding crunch and flavour to your favourite dishes. Have some cashews today.


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    Valleys Premium Regular Cashews 400 Grams (KAJU)

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    Cashews are a kind of tree nut native to South America.
    They are used in sweet and savory cuisines and as dairy substitutes.
    Cashews are low-fat and high in beneficial unsaturated fats.
    antioxidants, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin E and B6, and
    Cashews taste buttery and creamy.
    Vegan and vegetarian cuisines utilize them for creaminess and richness without animal ingredients.
    Cashews help heart and bone health.
    Cashews may be eaten directly from the bag or incorporated into recipes.



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    Valleys Premium Regular Cashew nuts 800 Grams (KAJU)

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    A flexible, nutrient-rich snack that goes well with both sweet and savory foods are cashew nuts.
    Cashew nuts provide a wealth of nutritional advantages since they are loaded with good fats, minerals, and vitamins.
    They are a great plant-based alternative for people seeking to add richness and creaminess to their cuisine without using animal products because of their buttery and creamy taste.
    The heart and bone health of everyone may be improved by consuming cashew nuts.
    As a healthy snack, eat them straight from the bag, or add them to your favorite dishes for more taste, texture, and nutrition!

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