Dried Pineapple

Ripe, juicy pineapples are carefully dehydrated to maintain their sweetness and taste to make dried pineapple, a tasty and healthful snack. These bite-sized dried pineapple slices let you experience the tropical flavour anytime, wherever. No sweets or preservatives are added to our dried pineapple. It’s a healthy alternative to sugary snacks because to its fibre, vitamin C, and other nutrients. Dried pineapple, with its tangy-sweet taste and chewy texture, may be used in trail mix, granola, smoothies, and baked goods. Enjoy it directly from the bag as a guilt-free sweet treat. Our dried pineapple is ideal for snacking or cooking.


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    Dried Pineapple

    Valleys Premium Sun Dried Pineapple 400 Gram

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    Made from 100% fresh pineapples, carefully sliced and dried to lock in natural sweetness and nutrients
    Dried Pineapple Concentrates the fruit’s flavor for a more intense and satisfying snack experience
    Rich source of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C, manganese, and bromelain
    A good source of dietary fiber, helping you feel full and satisfied for longer
    Versatile and can be enjoyed on its own, or added to yogurt, trail mix, granola, baked goods, and sweet and savory recipes
    Convenient and easy to pack for on-the-go snacking or outdoor activities
    Long shelf life, does not require refrigeration
    Natural and eco-friendly option with minimal processing and no harmful chemicals or preservatives.



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    Dried Pineapple

    Valleys Premium Sun Dried Pineapple Dehydrated 800 Gram

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    Tasty, wholesome, and naturally sweet-tasting. To preserve the natural sweetness and nutrients, 100% fresh pineapples were meticulously cut and dried.
    Pineapple taste that is concentrated for a potent and enjoyable snack. dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals are abundant in this food, which will keep you feeling full for longer.
    Enjoy this versatile snack on its own or add it to your favourite dishes for a wonderful flavour boost, such as baked goods, trail mix, yoghurt, or granola.
    These 100% natural dried pineapple slices have the same delicious, juicy flavour of fresh pineapples. carefully cut and dried to preserve taste and critical nutrients.
    You won’t find anything like our dried pineapple’s deep, natural sweetness anywhere else. Excellent as a snack or in your favourite dishes.
    Bromelain, manganese, and Vitamin C are just a few of the vitamins and minerals that make this treat healthy and low in calories.
    Not just tasty but also satisfying thanks to the high fibre content, helping you feel fuller for longer.

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