Valleys Premium Dried Pomelo 800 Grams

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We meticulously choose and dry fresh pomelo fruit to retain its taste and freshness.
Dried pomelo is low in calories, rich in fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants, and a healthy alternative to sugary snacks. A nutritious snack for all ages.
Salads, trail mixes, baked items, and drinks utilise dried pomelo. Its sweet-tart taste enhances any meal.
Resealable bags keep our dried pomelo fresh and simple to store. It’s great for travelling, eating, and stocking up. We guarantee high-quality dried pomelo slices. Our money-back promise is unconditional.


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Dried Pomelo is a nutritious food that is also a fantastic source of fibre. It is perfect for everyone to enjoy at any time. It also offers a nutritious substitute for manufactured foods that are laden with preservatives. Fresh, ripe pomelo is dried in the sun to preserve its taste and nutritional content before being produced as a dried pomelo. It is completely organic and free of artificial colours or preservatives. It creates a chewy, sweet-tasting, crunchy snack that is perfect for any time of the day. The whole family will enjoy this organic, healthful snack. An excellent source of vitamin C and strong in antioxidants, dried pomelo is also a wonderful energy enhancer. It is a tasty fruit that is edible straight out of the bowl and can also be used to create soups and jams. To maintain the fruit’s original flavour and freshness, each piece is thinly sliced and dried. To maintain the fruit’s original flavour and freshness, each piece is thinly sliced and dried. A great afternoon snack is Yunnan province’s dried pomelo. You may use it to maintain your body and heart in good shape. Vitamins and minerals are abundant in pomelo. It was raised in Yunnan province, which is renowned for its pristine ecological setting.

If you store this dried fruit in its original container, it will stay fresh for 200 days. All of our items are of high calibre and are quite wholesome. Furthermore, we provide different dried fruits like apples and litchis. A delightful and healthy snack that can satiate your cravings and provide a number of health benefits. To preserve its flavour and nutritional content, our dried pomelos are made from freshly picked, ripe pomelos that have gone through an organic sun-drying process. The result is a chewy, sweet-tasting snack that is perfect for any time of day since each slice is carefully dried. Pomelo is a citrus fruit that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Few have the reputation of our high-quality dried pomelos when it comes to offering the finest-tasting dried pomegranate on the market. To guarantee the smooth and fragile quality of each fruit, each slice is hand-selected. Our dried pomelos, which have a delicious and distinctive flavour, are a great alternative to digestible sweets and a nutritious snack for the entire family. Our dried pomelos are a rich source of vitamins and minerals, which are also excellent for your health. To preserve the nutritional content of each slice, it is carefully dried; no oil is used during the drying process, which reduces fat. Our convenient packaging allows you to take it with you or share it with family members, enhancing a healthy lifestyle. Our dried pomelo, which has a deliciously sweet flavour, is perfect as a snack any time of the day.


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