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Kashmiri Saffron is a precious spice manufactured from Crocus sativus flower threads. Saffron has been used in cuisine, medicine, and cosmetics for ages due to its unique taste and colour. Our premium saffron is grown in Iran’s perfect climate and soil. Hand-picked and dried, our saffron retains its taste and intensity. This product is ideal for flavouring food or enjoying saffron’s health benefits. Our saffron will elevate your dishes with its unique scent and golden tint. Why wait? Try saffron’s magic now!

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    Buy Original Kashmiri Saffron in India Online

    Valleys Premium Kashmiri Saffron Handpicked Quality Pure and Natural 1 Gram (Kesar)

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    Kashmiri Saffron, cultivated only in Kashmir, India, is treasured.
    The vivid, deep crimson threads have a sweet, hay-like scent with honey and floral overtones, giving dishes a rich, exotic taste.
    Kashmiri saffron is chosen, sifted, and sun-dried to maintain its purity, delicate taste, and scent.
    Due to its high concentration of crocin, which gives saffron its deep color, and safranal, which gives it its sweet perfume and taste, it is regarded as the world’s best.
    It is utilized in rice meals, sweets, and traditional medicines for digestion, skin, and anxiety.
    Despite its higher cost, its unique properties make it a valuable element.




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