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Sun-drying Ambri Kashmiri or Golden Delicious slices make dried Kashmiri apples.
They taste sweet, zesty, and cinnamon-nutmegy.
Dried Kashmiri apples are low in calories and fat, and high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The Kashmir valley loves them.
Dried Kashmiri apples can be eaten alone or used in chutneys, stews, and desserts.
They may improve digestion and immunity.
Hiking, camping, and traveling with dried Kashmiri apples are fantastic.
The combination of raisins and apricots tastes great.
Soaking dried Kashmiri apples in water or apple juice softens them.



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A tasty and wholesome treat with a distinctive flavour is dried Kashmiri apples. The Kashmir valley, which is renowned for producing some of the greatest apples in the world, is where these apples are obtained. To retain the taste and nutritional value of the apples, they are carefully chosen, peeled, sliced, and then dried. The texture of the dried Kashmiri apples is somewhat chewy, and they have a deep, rich hue. They have a tangy flavour and a natural sweetness to them, and they also have a nutmeg and cinnamon undertone that enhances the entire flavour. These apples are a healthy snack choice since they are a fantastic source of dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals. You may eat dried Kashmiri apples as a snack on your own or as a tasty component in a variety of dishes. They may be used as a morning topping for yoghurt or oatmeal, as a garnish for salads or smoothie bowls, or as an ingredient in baked products like muffins or cakes. Due to their portability, low weight, and immediate energising properties, these apples are also a fantastic choice for hiking or camping vacations. Dried Kashmiri apples are a tasty and nutritious snack that may sate your sweet taste while offering a host of health advantages. Anybody seeking for a novel and fascinating snack alternative must give them a try because of their distinctive taste profile and adaptability.

Sukhi seb or khurbani, commonly referred to as dried Kashmiri apples, are a preferred snack across the Indian subcontinent, particularly in the Kashmir valley. Often, Ambri Kashmiri or Golden Delicious apples, which are renowned for their sweet and tangy flavour, are used to produce this snack. The fruit must be peeled, cut into slices, and sun-dried, a procedure that might take up to two or three days. The apples get shrivelled and lose moisture during this period, giving them a concentrated taste and texture that makes them a distinctive snack. In addition to being high in fibre and antioxidants, dried Kashmiri apples also contain significant amounts of iron, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin A. They are a great option for those who wish to keep a healthy diet since they are also low in calories and fat. Dried Kashmiri apples are utilised in traditional medicine for their health advantages in addition to being a delectable snack. They are said to improve digestion, strengthen the immune system, and lessen bodily inflammation. Dried Kashmiri apples may be consumed on their own or added to chutneys, stews, and desserts, among other dishes. They may be softened and some of their natural moisture restored by soaking them in water or apple juice before use. Overall, dried Kashmiri apples are a tasty and wholesome snack that people of all ages may enjoy. They are a great complement to any snack or meal because of their distinctive flavour and texture, and their health advantages make them a pleasure that is guilt-free.



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