Valleys Premium Dried Afghani Apricots 400 Grams (KHUBANI)

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The flavour and nutrition of dried apricots from Afghanistan are well recognised. Afghani apricots may be consumed directly out of the package or combined with trail mix.
They are grown in well-lit, dry orchards so that their sweetness and original flavours are preserved.
To bring out all of its natural nutrients, the afghani apricots are sun-dried and sweetened.
They have a chewy texture, a sweet, tangy flavour, and a high concentration of antioxidants and minerals.
They may be consumed on their own or added for flavour and nutrition to a trail mix of cereal and yoghurt.


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Afghani apricots are distinctive in their own right even if they taste identical to their dried, sun-dried relatives. The best-tasting dried apricot jardalu is produced in Afghanistan, which boasts some of the most stunning orchards. The apricots are quite plump, golden-orange in colour, and have a little acidic tinge. They have a deep flavour to them and are solid and chewy. They make a delicious accent to any cuisine or a fantastic on-the-go snack. Dried Afghani apricots from Jardalu are scrumptious and wholesome. These sun-dried apricots are plump and golden-orange, revealing their innate richness, and are well defined by Afghanistan’s vast orchards as “ripe harvested at their ripest”. They make a fantastic on-the-go snack or nutrient-rich addition to recipes since they are firm and chewy. Rich, sweet, and somewhat acidic. Pick apricots first from the finest orchards. Let our knowledgeable staff of specialists in sun drying then go to work. Afterwards, our knowledgeable distribution crew makes sure that your door is delivered on time. Last but not least, enjoy the results of our effort with a unique flavour. You may just have to read the whole description since these luscious apricots are so good. You can get the healthiest and tastiest dried apricots with us. We use conventional sun-drying methods that are produced with just natural substances. We provide a variety of tastes for our apricots, including spicy peach, tart and sweet orange, honey-roasted cinnamon, and others.
Apricots have been prized for their many antioxidants and vitamins since the dawn of humanity. These dried fruits make a delicious snack and nutritious breakfast. Afghani apricots are plucked from the ground and left to dry in the sun for a number of days to retain their exquisite flavour.
These apricots should be soaked in almond milk over night before being combined with a little amount of your preferred cereal. You may finish by adding some chewy raisins or almonds. This dried fruit is a fantastic substitute for unhealthy snacks that are heavy in sugar and lacking in fibre and minerals, whether you’re on a diet or not. This snack has all the charm and nutritional advantages you could ask for thanks to the enormous flavour and texture of the apricots. Dried apricots from Afghanistan are a great way to give your next recipe more flavour. Its flavour is ideal for curries, dips, cakes, biscuits, and more since it is somewhat sweet and tangy. Add them to granola for a sweet treat that is also rich in fibre, or combine them with nuts and seeds for a wholesome snack. Why would you purchase ripe apricots at this time of year? You may have a tonne of apricots available for snacking right away if you purchase dried apricots now. Dried afghani apricots are not only a practical and healthful snack, but they also provide a natural sweetness and flavour to your favourite dishes. So why are you still waiting? Get some today! No additional sugar, salt, or preservatives have been added to our naturally dried apricots. They are ideal for diabetics, those who are on a diet, and those who are allergic to nuts. We provide dried apricots in bulk in a range of sizes. Freshness is simple to detect.


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