Valleys Premium Dried Kashmiri Apricots 800 Grams (KHUBANI)

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Indian Kashmir grows Kashmiri apricots.
They are sweet, juicy, and delicious.
Medium- to large, smooth-skinned apricots are rich orange.
They make high-quality dried apricots, juice, and jam.
Kashmiri cuisine relies on apricots, which boost the economy.
Kashmiri apricots are high-quality and expensive due to the severe environment and high altitude.




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In the Indian state of Kashmir, a special kind of apricot known as the Kashmiri apricot is cultivated. Their distinctive orange hue and juicy, sugary taste have made them popular. These apricots are a wonderful source of vitamin A and potassium and can be included into any diet with little effort. As an added bonus, they are an excellent source of antioxidants, which may aid to defend the body against free radical damage. Kashmiri apricots, whether eaten fresh or dried, are a delicious and healthy snack. They are great for snacking on raw or in preserves like jams and jellies. Cakes, pies, and tarts are just some of the baked goods in which they may be employed. Traditional Indian desserts often use dried Kashmiri apricots.

Dried kashmiri apricots, created by dehydrating fresh apricots from the Kashmir region of India, are a well-liked and healthy snack option. The great quality and deliciousness of these apricots have made them famous. The natural sugars in the apricots are concentrated throughout the drying process, elevating their sweetness and taste. Vitamin A, potassium, and iron may all be found in healthy amounts in dried apricots. They also include a fair amount of fibre, which aids with digestion. It is common practise to utilise dried kashmiri apricots in baked goods including sweets like cakes, pies, and tarts. They are naturally sweet and nutritious, and may be enjoyed as a snack on their own or mixed with yoghurt, oatmeal, granola, or trail mix. Traditional Indian desserts like apricot halwa call for dried apricots as an important component




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