Valleys Premium Sun Dried Papaya 800 Grams

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Made entirely and naturally from papaya
Dried to preserve the delicious, tropical taste.
Potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and other vital vitamins and minerals are present in abundance.
A rich source of dietary fiber that aids with regularity and digestion
Regulates blood pressure and lowers the risk of heart disease, which supports heart health.
Antioxidant qualities assist in cellular protection and lower the risk of chronic illnesses.
Dried Papaya is a full and delicious snack since it is low in calories and rich in fibre.
A flexible component that may be added to cereals, salads, smoothies, and other dishes.






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Dried papaya is a tasty and healthy option to fulfil your sweet tooth. This dried papaya is excellent for on-the-go, workplace, or after-school eating. Its sweet, tropical taste is preserved by drying, making it a guilt-free delight. Dried papaya is high in fibre, vitamins A, C, and potassium. It’s a great snack for healthy eaters. Smoothies, salads, porridge, and trail mix all employ dried papaya. Its tropical sweetness adds natural sweetness to many dishes. Finally, dried papaya is a nutritious and tasty snack for those with a sweet tooth on the go. Health-conscious snackers like its natural sweetness and adaptability. Try dry papaya’s tropical sweetness now. Vitamin C in dried papaya boosts the immune system and protects against illnesses and infections.

Papaya, including dried papaya, aids digestion. Dried papaya fibre aids digestion and reduces constipation. Heart-healthy dried papayas are low-fat and cholesterol-free. Dried papaya potassium reduces heart disease and blood pressure. Antioxidants in dried papaya help prevent cellular damage and chronic illnesses including cancer and heart disease. Vitamin A, found in dried papaya, protects vision and prevents age-related eye disorders. Dried papaya is also a good weight-loss snack. It’s low in calories and rich in fibre, making it a full snack that helps curb cravings. Dried papaya is a healthy, tasty snack that complements any diet. Dried papaya is perfect for snacks and dishes.





Weight800 g
Dimensions12 × 4 × 22 cm


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