Valleys Premium Iranian Rabbi Dates 400 Grams ( khajur khajoor date irani iran fresh dried dry )

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These dates are ideal as a savoury element or as a sweet treat.
They are often used in sweets, stews, and tagines. They have a tonne of flavour because to their potent natural sugars, antioxidants, and vitamin B6.
They have a robust, deep flavour that goes well with syrup or nut muesli bars.
Breads and bread puddings benefit greatly from the inclusion of dried Rabbi dates.
Rabbi dates are used often in stews and other sweet recipes because of their sweet, deep flavour.
Natural sugars, fibre, antioxidants, and potassium are all abundant in Rabbi dates.
They sometimes also produce a tasty syrup from them.

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Want to experiment with something new, but your recipe calls for dates? Try out these intriguing and tasty Iranian dates. They have a chewy, caramel taste, are plump and wrinkled, and are dark brown in appearance. They have a rich, sweet flavour and plenty of energy.
The availability of dried dates at the grocery store might sometimes be a problem. You should always have a supply of dried fruit on hand because of this. Rabbi dates from Ravasan are juicy, sweet, and have a rich caramel taste, making them ideal for baking and eating. They are ideal for healthy living since they are also protein-rich! Iranian peasants have depended on the rabbi date for a balanced, healthful diet for millennia. Our business was started with the intention of modernising these classic tastes. We pledge to only use ingredients of the highest calibre that are farmed in morally and sustainably responsible ways.
These conventionally grown, nutritious, and tasty dates are best eaten as a snack or dessert. They don’t include fat or calories and are gluten-free. A flavour of the past are Rabbi Dates. They are a pleasant, healthy treat since they are organic and have been grown naturally. They also provide natural energy and are gluten-free. These dates will sate your sweet taste whether you’re searching for a quick breakfast option or a nutritious snack. A message from farmers, by farmers. Our gluten-free, gluten-free, organic dates are a healthy and delicious treat. They are ideal as a snack or for your next supper. They provide your body the nutrients and natural energy it needs. Rabbi Dates are a delicious, healthy substitute for artificial delicacies.

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