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Sukkari dates are soft and caramel-flavored.
Saudi Arabia’s warm, sunny soil gives them their particular flavour and texture.
Sukkari dates are selected when ripe and not preserved.
Fiber, vitamins, and minerals make them a healthful snack. Antioxidants make Sukkari dates a healthy supplement to any diet.
Sukkari dates may be eaten alone or added to smoothies, baked products, and sauces.
Middle Eastern desserts typically include them.
Sukkari dates are delicious without extra sugars.
Their low glycemic index helps manage blood sugar and give lasting energy.
Sukkari dates may be kept at room temperature for weeks or refrigerated for months.
“Royal dates” are expensive, sought-after dates.


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Sukkari dates are renowned for their sweet caramel taste and soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture, and for good reason. These dates have a particular flavour and texture because they are cultivated in the warm and sunny areas of Saudi Arabia, where the weather and soil are ideal for date cultivation. To ensure the best possible quality and taste, Sukkari dates are hand-picked only at their height of maturity. Afterwards, they are sorted and wrapped to keep their natural sweetness and freshness intact. Sukkari dates are unique in that they are never treated with sulphur or preservatives, so you can always be sure that you’re getting the best quality possible. Besides being delicious, Sukkari dates are also a nutritious option. These dates are packed with healthy elements including fibre, vitamins, and minerals. They are a terrific supplement to a healthy diet since they are low in fat and rich in antioxidants. Dates from the Sukkari type are quite adaptable and may be eaten in many different ways. They are delicious as a standalone snack or added to baked dishes, sauces, and smoothies for extra sweetness. Stuffed with nuts or cheese and served as a dessert, they are also a common element in Middle Eastern cooking. In conclusion, Sukkari dates are an excellent choice for a healthy and multipurpose snack for everyone who values the taste of natural ingredients. These dates are delicious on their own or when added to other foods, and they also supply essential elements for good health.
Because of their exceptional flavour, texture, and nutritional content, Sukkari dates are among the most sought-after types of dates in the world. What follows is some further info on Sukkari dates. Because of their exceptional flavour and texture, Sukkari dates are sometimes referred to as “Royal dates.” They come in an oval form with a deep, golden brown hue. Sukkari dates are very juicy and tender, and their thin skin makes them a breeze to peel. The best time to choose these dates is between the months of July and September. Because Sukkari dates are already rather sweet, there’s no need to add any more sugar or sweeteners to them. They provide a considerable amount of the essential elements potassium, magnesium, and iron. Sukkari dates, because to their low glycemic index, are able to maintain steady blood sugar levels and provide a steady stream of energy throughout the day. They are often used in Middle Eastern baked goods including ma’amoul cookies and date-filled pastries. Sukkari dates have a long shelf life, lasting several weeks at room temperature and months in the fridge. They make a nutritious snack on their own or may be combined with other foods like nuts and cheese for a heartier bite to eat. To sum up, Sukkari dates are a tasty and healthy fruit that has been relished for ages. It’s no surprise that they are a go-to for those in need of a nutritious and delicious snack because of their unique taste, satisfying crunch, and many health advantages.


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