Valleys Premium Saudi Arabian Mabroom Dates 400 Grams

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Saudi Arabia grows superior mabroom dates.
Rich, sweet, and sensitive, they’re famous.
Mabroom dates are healthful snacks that provide natural energy.

They are hand-picked from date palms and are sugar- and preservative-free.
Mabroom data includes fiber, vitamins, and minerals including potassium, magnesium, and iron.
They taste great alone or in smoothies, energy bars, and baked foods.
Middle Eastern recipes use them as natural sweeteners.





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Mabroom dates are sweet, delicate, and rich. These fresh, high-quality Saudi dates are hand-picked from prolific date palms. Mabroom dates are natural energy boosters. They’re nutritious snacks without sugar or preservatives.Mabroom dates taste great alone or in your favourite dishes.Saudi Arabia produces mabroom dates. Their flavour and texture make them one of the region’s most popular dates. Mabroom dates are medium to big and lustrous reddish-brown. They are sweet and chewy.Mabroom dates are tasty and healthy. They include fibre, vitamins, minerals, and iron. They are a healthy alternative to manufactured sweets and snacks since they contain natural sugar.Mabroom dates are a healthful snack or ingredient in smoothies, energy bars, and baked items. They sweeten Middle Eastern couscous and pudding naturally. For a nutritious, natural snack, Mabroom dates are a must-try.

Enjoy the sweet, succulent flavour of Mabroom Dates, a high-quality product that is now offered on Amazon. The dates come from Saudi Arabia’s best date palms, which are produced and painstakingly hand-picked by seasoned farmers. The rich caramel-like flavour and chewy, soft texture of Mabroom dates are well renowned for pleasing the palate. They are a great choice for anybody looking for a nutritious snack since they are also packed with fibre, important vitamins, and minerals. For maximum freshness and taste retention, our Mabroom Dates are packaged with care. You may eat them as a single snack or use them in your favourite sweets, baked goods, and smoothie recipes. These dates come in stylish packaging that is suitable for any occasion, making them a wonderful present choice for your loved ones. Place your order right now to sample Mabroom Dates for yourself!


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