Valleys Premium Raw Turkish Hazelnuts 800 Grams

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Turkish hazelnuts, used in chocolate and hazelnut spread, are high-quality and flavorful.
Turkey produces 70% of the world’s hazelnuts. The finest hazelnuts are hand-harvested and graded.
Turkish hazelnuts grow best in the Black Sea region’s warm, damp environment.

Turkish hazelnuts are in great demand, creating a robust business that employs and helps local communities.
Turkish hazelnuts are used in luxury confections and items due to their great taste.
Turkish hazelnuts provide healthful fats, protein, and fibre and taste great.
Turkish hazelnuts are a global staple due to their great quality, rich taste, and nutritious value.



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Many people adore hazelnuts, commonly known as filberts. These nuts give a rich, creamy, sweet-nutty taste to many meals. They are a healthy snack with protein, fibre, and healthy fats. Mediterranean hazelnuts thrive in warm climates. When mature, the green husk rips apart, exposing the smooth, plump nut within. Hazelnuts may be bought shelled, roasted, or chopped and utilised in nut butter, chocolate, and baked items.Hazelnuts are sweet and healthy. They include monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which cut cholesterol and heart disease risk. Hazelnuts include vitamin E, magnesium, and iron, making them a healthy snack.Hazelnuts bring flavour and nutrients to your diet whether you nibble on them, bake with them, or add them to your favourite dishes. Try some now and see why this delectable nut has been a favourite for centuries!Ancient civilizations used hazelnuts, a tree nut. For millennia, Mediterranean farmers have grown them for their taste and nutrients. Turkey, Italy, Spain, and the US grow hazelnuts.

Hazelnuts are used in chocolate and hazelnut spread because of their rich, nutty flavour. They give crunch and nutty taste to cakes, pastries, breads, and savoury foods. Hazelnuts provide healthful lipids, protein, and fibre as a snack.Hazelnuts are praised for their taste, nutrition, and flexibility in cooking and baking. Hazelnuts may be chopped, ground, or roasted to add flavour to sweet and savoury meals. Classic Italian sweets and pastries to savoury sauces and dressings contain hazelnuts. Hazelnut oil, a healthy cooking oil, is very popular.Hazelnuts are tasty and healthy. They are versatile in cooking and baking, and their rich, nutty taste appeals to all ages. Try some now and see why this delectable nut has been a mainstay for centuries!

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