Valleys Premium Kashmiri Dried Roseberries 800 Grams Roseberry

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Dried roseberries are vitamin and mineral-rich, especially vitamin C.
Antioxidant-rich, protecting against free radical damage.
Sweet, tart taste like cranberries or cherries.
Dried Roseberries can be used, in syrups, jams, baked goods, and more.
Minimal in sugar and is a better snack than sweets.
Wild, pesticide-free, and sustainable.
A healthy, eco-friendly snack.





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Dried roseberries are a delectable and unique addition to any food storage cabinet. These delicate sun-dried berries, which are hand-picked from rose bushes to preserve their rich flavour, are kept tart by the drying process. Dried berries are a nutritious option for a snack because to their crisp texture and high level of antioxidant content. Several recipes benefit from the addition of fragrant, somewhat sweet dried roseberries due to their versatility as an aromatic ingredient. They are delicious when added to baked goods, granola, salads, and many other dishes. Because of their deep red colour, dried berries look fantastic when added to baked goods and drinks. It is not difficult to include dried roseberries into your diet. They are a wonderful natural snack that is minimal in sugar. The berries do not naturally contain gluten and are suitable for vegans and anyone who does not consume animal products. Roseberries, once dried, retain their flavour, nutrients, and ability to be grown sustainably. Since they do not contain any pesticides, the berries are completely safe for both you and the environment. Why not add some dried roseberries to your life to sweeten it up? Whether it’s a snack, an ingredient, or a garnish, these dried berries will quickly become a need in your pantry.

Dry rose hips, often known as wild roseberries. They are used in traditional medicine because they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin C. The body is shielded from harm caused by free radicals by high antioxidant levels. Dried roseberries provide flavour to food and are nutritious. They have a sweet, tangy flavour similar to cranberries or cherries. Teas, syrups, jams, baked goods, and other sweet and savoury meals may all utilise them. A unique texture characterises dried roseberries. They make a delightful snack since they are chewier than other dried fruits. Due to their reduced sugar content, they are better than sweets. Furthermore, eco-friendly are dried roseberries. They don’t need pesticides to develop organically. They are therefore an environmentally responsible and healthy snack choice. Every meal may benefit from the flavour and nutrients of dried roseberries. These dried berries will become a pantry mainstay for snacks, dishes, or as a garnish.




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