Valleys Premium Irani Mamra Almonds 800 Grams

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Iran grows Mamra almonds.
These almonds are delicious and nutritious.
They are smaller than California almonds but crunchier.
Irani Mamra almonds are used as snacks or in desserts.
Protein, good fats, fibre, vitamin E, and other nutrients are abundant in them.
Almond skin is edible and contains antioxidants.
Roasted and salted Irani Mamra almonds taste better.
Traditional medicine treats constipation, cough, and respiratory issues using them.
Irani Mamra almonds are farmed in dry, arid locations without pesticides or chemicals, making them largely organic.


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Searching for a nutrient-rich, delightful snack of the highest calibre? Almonds from Irani Mamra are the only option! In order to provide the best taste and freshness, these almonds are meticulously chosen and processed after being cultivated and harvested in Iran. Irani Mamra almonds are distinguished by their distinctive texture, which is a little softer and butterier than that of other almond kinds. They are thus ideal as snacks or as an ingredient in your favourite dishes. Apart from being tasty, Irani Mamra almonds are also highly nutritious. They are stocked with a variety of vitamins, minerals, fibre, healthy fats, and critical elements including protein. Regular consumption of almonds may enhance heart health, increase energy levels, and even encourage weight reduction. So give Irani Mamra almonds a try if you’re searching for a nice and healthy snack that you can feel good about. They’ll undoubtedly become a new pantry favourite!
Almonds of a particular kind known as Irani Mamra are produced and harvested in Iran. They are renowned for having an unusual texture that is a little softer and butterier than other almond kinds. This is because of how they are produced and cultivated. Mamra almond trees can absorb nutrients from the soil and produce high-quality nuts in the dry, desert areas of Iran, where they are planted. The almonds’ original taste and texture are preserved by the traditional irrigation techniques used on these plants. After being picked, almonds are processed according to old-fashioned procedures that include roasting and blanching. This ensures that they are free of contaminants and brings out their inherent taste. Almonds from Irani Mamra are a fantastic food source. They include a lot of protein, fibre, good fats, and vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, and vitamin E. Regular consumption of almonds may enhance heart health, increase energy levels, and encourage good weight control. Almonds from Iran known as Irani Mamra are a favourite Iranian snack and are gaining popularity worldwide. They may be used in a variety of recipes, from salads and baked goods to savoury foods like stir-fries and curries, or eaten on their own as a delightful and wholesome snack.


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